One Guy Just Beat All 714 NES Games, and It Only Took Him 3,435 Hours

I personally own around 20 games for the original  Nintendo Entertainment System, and of those, I’ve probably completed no more than five of them. Piotr Delgado “The Mexican Runner” Kusielczuk, a speedrunner and Twitch streamer, has easily surpassed my accolade with his-three year journey that just came to an end this weekend. In 2014, he began his journey of completing every game ever released for the NES—all 714 of them—and by beating Super Mario Bros. 3, he finally did it ( via Kotaku).

The quest began when Kusielczuk’s friend suggested (as a joke, of course) that he try beating every NES game. Kusielczuk took that challenge to heart, and after 3,435 hours, 12 minutes, and 24 seconds, he established a new world record speedrunning category… and hopefully gave his thumbs a much-needed break.

The games list for the “NESMania Quest,” as he called it, consists of every NES title released in North America, as well as 35 titles that were PAL-exclusives. While games like Super Mario Bros. 3 make it very obvious when you’ve beaten the game, other titles don’t have clear winning conditions, so Kusielczuk played those until the game started getting repetitive and no obvious progress was being made.

While some games took minutes, others took hours. The most extreme example: To complete Miracle Piano Teaching System, had to teach himself how to play the piano. That took 91 hours. We don’t expect you to watch the entirety of his journey, but Kusielczuk is uploading his individual game play-throughs to YouTube now, so check that out below.

Featured image: Nintendo

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