ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL Goes Too Far and Defends Nickelback in New Teaser

Deadpool is basically everything you don’t want to in the hero of a kids’ movie or a Christmas film. He’s crass, vulgar, violent, and inappropriate. He is just as likely to chop Santa’s head off with a katana sword as he is to help him deliver toys. And frankly, that’s why we love him. But Deadpool’s latest antic may actually be too much. It is so far beyond the pale that it’s not just wildly wrong to show to children, it’s not even safe for adults. Without question it is the grossest, most vile thing Deadpool has ever done, both on screen and in the comic books. He defends Nickelback.Sure, we’re fascinated to see a tone-downed, PG-13 rated Merc with a Mouth this holiday season in Once Upon a Deadpool. And we’ve really been looking forward to it because we’ve loved the re-cut film’s promos featuring Fred Savage in a delightful nod to The Princess Bride. But we’re sorry, Ryan Reynolds. Even though it’s really funny to see Fred Savage and Deadpool rocking out to a terrible song, we can’t condone the message of this teaser.It would be better if Deadpool cut Santa’s head off. We’d much rather hear children scream than hear “How You Remind Me.”If you’re still somehow on board with seeing Once Upon a Deadpool, the PG-13-rated re-cut of Deadpool 2 will be hitting theaters on December 12, and will run through Christmas Eve. What’s your most safely guarded secret musical preference? (We won’t tell.)

Featured Image: Fox

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