This Calculator Will Tell You How Tall You Are in Lightsabers

Have you ever wondered just how tall you are in lightsabers? Maybe how many Death Stars of liquid your swimming pool holds? How about what your bank account looks like converted in units of “Tony Stark fortunes?” (Well, maybe that one we’d rather not know.) Now you can answer these questions and many more with the “Weird Units Converter” Omni Calculator. This project delves into weird measurements. And it is about to give you a whole new set of trivia facts for your friends.

Luke holding a lightsaber and a tape measure for the weird measurements article
Lucasfilm/ Diana Polekhina

Omni Calculator was created to help anyone solve calculation-based problems in their lives. But this “Weird Units Converter” looks to inject a little fun into measurement. Steven Wooding of Omni Calculator shares:

We constructed this weird unit converter exactly for the entertainment of the inquisitive, unconventional minds such as yourself.

Naturally, this tool can be used to check totally normal, everyday things, such as switching feet to meters – but let’s be real, where’s the fun in that? We’ve prepared a wide variety of fun, interesting, and sometimes straight-up wacky units for you to choose from so that you can take a new, fresh perspective and add an exciting edge to your mundane daily calculations!

This calculator wants to get people thinking about things around you in new ways. After all, units of measurement are simply ideas humans have created for themselves. Not to mention, measuring can be cool, you know?

Tony Stark with explosions behind him and a look at the weird measurement converter by Omni Calculator
Marvel Studios/Omni Calculator

To use the calculator, all you have to do is select the unit type you wish to convert. For example, length, volume, temperature, or money. Then input your measurement in standard units. Finally, choose a “Weird Unit” and convert your measurement into a weird measurement. Each “unit type” comes with a different set of “Weird Units.”

For example, if you select “Height,” you can choose between Danny DeVitos, Titanic Ships, and LEGO Bricks. If you go for “Volume,” you can convert gallons into Death Stars, IKEA Bags, or Ice Cubes. Reality is yours to control. Everything is relative. Just don’t go mad with power. (Or we will have to measure your super-villany in Green Goblins.)

But, the real joy? From now on, when someone asks for your height, you can proudly proclaim, I am 1.8 lightsabers, thank you very much.

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