Is Octotire a Tire Sculpture or NO WAY HOME’s Next Villain?

Honestly, we wouldn’t even blink if Octotire did appear in Spider-Man: No Way HomeBecause who won’t appear in that movie? But this slightly sinister (although totally awesome) figure is actually a cleverly made tire sculpture. Full-time artist and maker Blake McFarland walks us through his creation on his YouTube channel, BM Sculptures.

McFarland shares:

I used recycled tires to create an octopus tire sculpture. The sculpture started with welding steel armature. Once the frame was fabricated I used insulation foam for the inner structure. I did a full foam carving using a knife and other power tools. Once the form was complete I sent the octopus out for fiberglassing. I teamed up with Becca Barnet (fellow NBC’s Making It contestant) to do custom eyes. She did an amazing job, creating the octopus eyes out of glass spheres with resin painted and backfilled. Once I received the eyes I installed them and then began the tire process. I used all stainless steel reinforcements because this sculpture will be displayed outdoors.

We think, yes! And we agree, the eyes make this creation come to life.

Error occurred!

From up close and from afar, they seem to watch you with an unnatural intelligence. Waiting for the right moment to come alive and strike, perhaps?

The texture of the tires and the way the tentacles sit also add to the illusion of life. It almost looks like actual muscles coil under this tire octopus’ skin. Coiled and ready to unleash. We wouldn’t want to be in a dark room with this octopus tire sculpture, honestly. But undoubtedly, the artistry of the piece astounds. The tires also offer a perfectly eerie material. The heaviness of the rubber and its dark share also give a sinister air to the whole sculpture.

Octopus tire sculpture with bananas

BM Sculptures

But hey, we’re sure this friendly eldritch horror/Spidey baddie has a beautiful heart. It even just wants to enjoy some bananas. Not human flesh. Not at all! Octotire, we look forward to seeing you on December 17 when Spider-Man: No Way Home releases.

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