Not Feeling Today’s Presidential Inauguration? Watch The InDOGuration Instead!

As you well know, assuming you’ve existed as a human in the connected world for the past year, today is a historically significant day for our country, as the presidential inauguration marks the beginning of President-elect Donald Trump’s time as the elected leader of our nation.

There are plenty of reasons why somebody would want to watch this event go down: Trump was their candidate of choice in the election (or at least the one they preferred over the other options), they don’t care for Trump and hope to see him make some sort of meme-able mistake in front of the whole world, or they’re just interested in the political process and want to be as informed as possible. For all of those people, there are plenty of ways to check out the proceedings online and on TV.That said, there are also valid excuses for why somebody wouldn’t want to watch: They don’t care for the fact that Trump is being sworn in as our next president, they’re tired of some of the divisive rhetoric, or perhaps they’re just disinterested in politics. For that crowd (or to the first crowd that wants the best two-screen inauguration day experience we can imagine), we present to you an adorable alternative: The 2017 Presidential Indoguration.

The Super Bowl has The Puppy Bowl, and now the presidential inauguration has its own canine-based second option, thanks to The Attack. Beginning at 9:30am ET/6:30am PT, we’ll have the opportunity to watch puppies, kittens, and, we’ve been told, a tortoise, play for three hours, complete with commentary from Anderson Pooper and Wolf Blitzer (Kevin Pereira and Alex Corea).

The proceedings are streaming on Facebook, Twitch, and, and it truly looks to be an event we can all get behind, regardless of political affiliation (or “dog vs. cat” affiliation).

Featured image: The Attack

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