NO TIME TO DIE Trailer Puts James Bond Back in Explosive Action

His name is Bond…James Bond. The latest installment in the long-running James Bond movie franchise, No Time to Die, is set to hit United States theaters in April 2020. It will mark the end of the Daniel Craig’s time as the smooth, well-dressed spy – a role he has occupied since 2006’s Casino Royale. The No Time to Die trailer will not disappoint Bond fans who love the films’ fast cars, eye candy, intricate missions, and epic action sequences.

The clip jumps right into a tense moment with Bond swerving to avoid a few guys on his trail. He’s accompanied by his most recent love interest Madeline, who swears that she’s not betraying him. It’s too early to make speculations but when a person says “why would I betray you?” that usually means they have probably betrayed you in some way. Bond states that they all have secrets and they just haven’t uncovered hers yet. He then takes a leap off of a bridge just in time to dodge a bullet.

Things take a quick shift with M noting that the world is making quick shifts and asking about 007’s current location. Of course, Bond is on chill mode in an exotic spot before his comrade Felix Leiter finds him to ask for help. He meets Nomi, another double O agent who says the world has moved on. She promised to shoot him in the knee that works if she gets in his way. In the words of Moneypenny, it certainly seems like they will get along just fine.

He later links back up with the incredible Moneypenny and Q. But, things take an interesting turn when he’s told that Madeline’s secret will “be the death of him.” As expected, there are a ton of gorgeous shots, intense moments, explosions, the infamous Bond music, and a mysterious introduction of Mr. Robot star Rami Malek’s antagonistic character Safin. He certainly will meet his match against Bond.

Like any great trailer, No Time To Die’s sneak peek gives fans just enough information to conjure up some speculation without giving the entire movie away. The clip barely shows Moneypenny and Q, but they usually play a larger role in the overall narrative. Nomi looks like she will be a complete boss in her own right who will challenge Bond to take his spy game to another level. And, it will be interesting to unfold Madeline’s presumably dangerous secrets.

No Time to Die also released several promotional photos and everyone looks absolutely killer despite a simple brown background with “007” in teal at the top.

Will Bond finally get to permanently leave MI6 to retire in paradise? Or, does he have to die to actually get some peace? Could this twenty-fifth Bond movie be the end of the franchise? It’s sad to see Daniel Craig leave the role, but it makes sense for him to want to move on after so many years.

But, like The Doctor, Bond is basically a Time Lord who has rocked many faces over the years. So, it wouldn’t be surprising if another movie comes along with a new Bond. For now, Bond’s license to kill is not quite ready to expire.

Featured Image: Gillian Smith Chang/MGM Studios

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