NO TIME TO DIE Teaser Brings Back the Bond Anticipation

Remember No Time to Die? It’s the upcoming James Bond movie that has been pushed back more times than we can possibly remember. The date changes were for a valid reason, of course, but the film nearly fell off many fans’ radar. But the hype for Daniel Craig’s last foray as the secret agent extraordinaire is rising once again as the October 8 release date swiftly approaches. This one seems like it will stick considering people are cautiously going back to the movies. And a new teaser puts us right back into anticipating its upcoming action.

Admittedly, there’s isn’t really any new footage in this clip. We see Bond returning back for duty to a marginally surprised Q, who remarks that he is not dead. Moneypenny is also on board for the latest mission: a search for missing scientist Valdo Obruchev.

We don’t know what new antagonist Safin will do to make Bond’s life hard but the clip gives us what it needs to give. All the classic Bond elements are there, except that infamous martini. Epic stunts. Fast cars. Attractive humans. Lots of shooting, fighting, sarcastic quips, and the theme music. And the lovely bonus of Nomi, the new 007 who happens to be a Black woman. (Still love to see it!)

Right now, we don’t know the future of James Bond. It’s not likely that he will die in the series because he’s sort of like a time lord honestly. A really hard-to-kill person who keeps changing faces. But there’s a ripe opportunity to let Bond finally retire and take his rest.

daniel craig as james bond pointing a handgun while wearing a black shirt


There is a lot to explore with Nomi, although that would certainly ruffle some feathers of fans who have a specific image of what 007 should look like. Either way, six years is a long time with no Bond so its (almost) time to check out this new chapter.

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