Nissan’s Self-Moving Chairs Bring Us Closer to the World of WALL-E

We may not all be filing in to board the Starliner Axiom quite yet, but Nissan’s new self-moving chairs definitely appear to be bringing us one step closer to the world of WALL-E.

The self-moving, self-queuing chairs, which come via RocketNews and are dubbed ProPILOT chairs, use technology pioneered by Nissan’s ProPILOT “autonomous drive technology” that’s currently being rolled out to their vehicle fleet. According to Nissan, the ProPILOT tech is “a revolutionary autonomous drive technology designed for highway use in single-lane traffic.” In the case of the ProPILOT chairs, it’s a technology that helps you to move around while keeping your body immobile and presumably ready to drink lunch from a cup or order the new blue body suit from Buy n Large.Aside from inspiring endless WALL-E jokes, the ProPILOT chairs do help to demonstrate how far self-driving technology has come in recent years. In order to move and line-up automatically, the chairs use various sensors and motors that keep them on the go, and out of toe-stubbing distance from one another. Obviously, this kind of autofollowing will be much more critical with Nissan’s vehicles in stop-and-go traffic, but with the ProPILOT chairs it means you won’t ever have to wait in line using your legs again, and for the love of our metabolisms look at these things this really is WALL-E in reality, EVE help us all:

What do you think about these Nissan ProPILOT chairs? Is this a great way to make waiting in line more bearable, or should we all just start drinking our meals right now? Let us know in the comments below!

Images: Nissan

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