The Internet’s Funniest Reactions to the Nintendo Switch

There is much rejoicing in the Mushroom Kingdom of this morning, as last night’s big Nintendo Switch event brought merry tidings, and long-awaited news of the console’s release date (March 3), price point ($300), and what games will launch with it. We learned more about how the console works, and even speculated on whether or not it will have a successful launch.

While we wrapped our heads around all the new information, we had yet to take a look at what you, the internet, was saying about all this. We forget it sometime, but dang, you guys can be hilarious. A significant cultural event happened, so naturally you got the memes going strong. On today’s episode of Nerdist News, our intrepid host Jessica Chobot rounded up some of our favorites. You can see even more below because memes are the pulse of the people, and it’s nice to remember that we’re doing just fine (and just hilarious).People joked about the presentation itself:

They shared some questionable information:

A photo posted by Ronnie Panda (@thepandajam) on

They had some fun at the expense of Arms, the upcoming fighting game for the Switch:

They poked fun at the amazing-looking game Super Mario Odyssey, which puts the rounded plumber in the real world:

And for good measure, they got a Splatoon 2 meme in there:

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That’s what we saw, but what did we miss? Get at us on Twitter and let us know what you’re seeing out there!

Featured image: Nintendo

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