Have a Broken N64? Turn It into a Nintendo Switch Dock Like This Guy Did

The Nintendo Switch appears to be a real winner of a console, with its innovative design and game library (led of course by the damn near perfect The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild). Still, the console has some flaws, and the two that have been making headlines as of late are the JoyCons’ sync issues ( which have been fixed) and the dock ( which Nintendo doesn’t believe is a problem). Whether or not the company wants to acknowledge it, the Switch’s dock has scratched enough screens that Etsy is filled with third-party dock covers.

That’s one solution. Another is to take a Nintendo 64 and turn that into a dock for your much newer console, like Reddit user tettzan777 did ( via Polygon).Before you light your torches and sharpen your pitchforks, tettzan said the N64 he modified “was completely broken, no way to fix it,” so a healthy console didn’t sacrifice its life for a DIY project. To oversimplify what’s going on here, tettzan widened the cartridge port to fit the Switch’s screen (without the JoyCons attached) and put the necessary components inside the N64 in order for it to function as a dock. He even replaced the original N64 controller ports with USB connections. As you can see in the video above, it appears to work without issue.

Tettzan has been explaining the process of making this thing on Reddit, and for those who are really curious about what this thing looks like on the inside, he said he’ll be posting a video detailing his dock’s guts really soon. Now, the question remains: What else can we turn into a Nintendo Switch dock? Speculate away in the comments!

Featured image: tettzan777

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