Nintendo’s New President is Named Bowser for Real

Make sure you have your plumber’s phone number nearby, because there’s a non-zero chance you will soon need him to help save a princess (or win a go-kart race, either/or). The truly unthinkable has happened, something no video game player could have ever imagined they would see – Nintendo just put Bowser in charge of the whole company. No, really, they’re giving control to Nintendo of America to a guy whose real name Doug Bowser.

After 13 years as Nintendo’s President and COO, Reggie Fils-Aime is stepping down from his position this April. He’s being replaced by Doug Bowser, the company’s current Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Fils-Aime said goodbye to customers in a farewell message, which also introduced new President Bowser (oh that feels soooo wrong to type). The good news? Bowser looks like an actual human being. The bad news? Isn’t that exactly what the King of the Koopas would do!

As you can imagine, the new president’s name has led to plenty of funny fan reactions.

While obviously this is a lot of silliness over a funny name, there’s nothing to actually be worried about though. Right?

Alright, just to be safe you better make sure you also have the phone number of your plumber’s taller brother too.

Featured Image: Nintendo

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