Nintendo Made a Gorgeous Cardboard-Themed Switch, But It’ll Be Tough to Get Your Hands on One

One of the great things about the Nintendo Switch is how easy it is to configure the console to your own specific tastes. Not only are there are plenty of games to suit a variety of interests, but the hardware side of things is conducive to imagination, too. You can get Joy-Cons in a variety of colors and mix and match them in whatever way you want. If you’re comfortable taking controllers apart and reassembling them, you can even get third-party Joy-Con shells and get creative to make controllers in colors you can’t buy in stores. (I recently made a Pokéball-themed white and red Joy-Con set myself, for example).

All that said, as broad as the Joy-Con color options are, there’s a new one that you likely won’t be able to get your hands on, which is a bummer because it looks awesome. Nintendo has made a Nintendo Labo-themed Switch (via Kotaku)—and we’re talking the whole console and dock, not just the Joy-Cons. They’ll only be given to winners of the Nintendo Labo Creators Contest, meaning only a few of them will find their way out into the world.

The look is completely on point. The system is that classic light brown cardboard color, with black accents, some embossed details, and even the appearance of a corrugated cardboard edge on the back of the dock. If you want one for yourself, you’ll have to come out on top in one of the contest categories. Getting just the Joy-Cons isn’t quite as difficult, but still really hard, since those will be given to four runner-up entrants in each category.

What do you think of the Labo-themed Switch? Are you already brainstorming contest ideas so you can win and claim one of these limited edition consoles for yourself? Let us know what you think!

Images: Nintendo

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