Nicolas Cage’s Face Stretched Out Makes for One Disturbing Blanket

We all could use a little more Nicolas Cage in our lives. If this year’s The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent wasn’t enough Nic for you, and your old DVDs of Raising Arizona and Wild at Heart just don’t fill that Cage-sized hole in your heart, then we’ve got the solution. Thanks to Boing Boing, we’ve learned that you can now buy a blanket that features the face of Nicolas Cage. But as if stretched over thousands of square inches of material. This is either the greatest blanket ever made, or the most disturbing. Well, maybe it’s a little bit of both. You can see images of this incredible creation right here:

Ncolas Cage face stretching blanket

The stretched-out Nicolas Cage face sure gives us Brazil vibes. (We mean the Terry Gilliam movie, not the country). And also that one bad guy with the stretchy face from Star Trek: Insurrection. If this particular blanket creeps you out though, would you believe there are other Nic Cage blankets out there? Yes, you can buy one that has the Ghost Rider and Face Off star with his shirt unbuttoned, serving us some “sexy Cage.” And there’s even another one with multiple Nic Cage faces. Some look like Nic Cage as the Hulk, or an Egyptian Pharoah. And there’s even one with Nic Cage as a cheeseburger. Because sure, why not?

Nic Cage blanket on a bed

The Nic Cage face blanket features a premium microfiber selection. This soft blanket uses 100% Anti-pilling fleece, so all layers can last for long use and provides fade resistance much better. The manufacturer describes it as “super soft, skin-friendly, and fuzzy.” Basically, words that spring to mind when we think of Nic Cage. It’s also suitable for all seasons. It comes in three sizes as well, including 40×50 Inch, 50×60 Inch, and 60×80 Inch. You can buy yours now from Amazon for a mere $27.99.

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