Nicolas Cage Dreams of a STAR TREK Role That Puts Him on the Enterprise

Lifelong Trekker Nicolas Cage has long professed a desire to actually be in Star Trek. Last year, when he was asked about being in Star Wars, he fully showed his allegiance to Starfleet. At the recent Saturn Awards, at which Cage won best supporting actor for his roles as Dracula in Renfield, Screen Rant asked again about his desire to be a part of the Star Trek galaxy. Judging by his response, which you can read below, he has not changed his stance. He does have one condition, however. He wants to be on the bridge of the starship Enterprise.

There were a couple of phone calls. I don’t know, I’d have to see a script. It would have to be something that I could really add my flavor to; have some pop and some spark. I wouldn’t want to just do anything, because I have so much love for the franchise. I want to be on the Enterprise. Ideally, I’d have to be on the Enterprise in some capacity. I don’t want to be floating in space on a satellite! I want to be on the bridge, but they have to bring it to me.

Nicolas Cage in the Ubearable Weight of Massive Talent (L) and the iconic Enterprise from Star Trek (R)
Lionsgate/ Paramount

We can’t say we blame Mr. Cage here. If we were going to be in a Star Trek film, we’d want a role on the Enterprise too. Besides, Nicolas Cage is too big a star to just get the part of “random Klingon #4” in the background. We think there are plenty of established roles in the canon that Cage could play in a Star Trek feature. We assume it’s a film he wants and not a Trek TV series, as the actor has gone on record that he’s not a “TV guy” but a film actor. Now, someone just beam this guy up already.

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