Nicolas Cage is Making a VR Movie

We’ve seen Nicolas Cage steal the Declaration of Independence, stop a chemical weapons attack launched from Alcatraz, and survive the freaking rapture. What is left for a man who has brought us so much cinematic gold? Why, virtual reality, of course.

As Variety reports, you’ll finally get to step into the Cage and experience Nicolas Cage-level action as you’ve never been able to before. Before hitting theaters and VOD in April, Cage’s new film, a climate change sci-fi called The Humanity Bureau, will release via a yet undisclosed VR platform. We don’t totally know what to expect from the film in VR, but we know it won’t simply be a VR version of the feature film.


Producer Kevin DeWalt told Variety that the VR experience, called The Humanity Bureau VRevolution is more of an episodic journey set in the world of the film that coincides with events from the movie, but are essentially standalone stories. It’s not quite clear what that means, specifically, and how those stories will impact the full movie. However, the idea of experiencing Nic Cage in VR is so exciting that frankly, I don’t care too much what the nuts and bolts of it are.

There’s not a specific release date for the VRevolution just yet, but this sounds like a pretty cool step in the evolution of how we use VR technology.

Do you think the VR series sounds like a cool idea? What other ideas do you have for blending film and VR experiences? Tell us in the comments!

Featured Image: QME Entertainment

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