Nicolas Cage Just Wants His Stolen Comic Books Back

We’re about to get the most Nicolas Cage film in the history of Nicolas Cage films. In The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent the Hollywood star plays none other than himself—or at least a fictionalized version of him. And with the role of his lifetime on the horizon, one of the most singular performers in Tinseltown history is reminding us why we love him so much. He’s been answering fans questions across the internet, and each response has been a gift. So it would be nice if we gave something back to him. Specifically the one thing he most wants. Cage would really like his stolen comic books back.

The former Ghost Rider, almost Superman, and current Spider-Man Noir is (no surprise) a big comics fans. So big that he once owned an incredible collection of valuable issues. That included a copy of one of the most expensive in the world, Action Comics #1, which marked the debut of Krypton’s most famous son. But, alas, a heartless monster stole Cage’s comics, which he says would now be worth tens of millions of dollars. (And it definitely would be, considering the record-setting prices rare comics are garnering in 2022.)

Nick Cage in front of comic book pages and his own face creaming

So when a fan asked the National Treasure star which item he would most like to actually steal, he said he didn’t want to steal anything. He just wants his own comic books back. And no matter how rich or famous he might be, we can all relate with that.

In the video Lionsgate provided a fake phone number for anyone with information about the missing collection. But why a fake number? Let’s do this, people! If you know anything about the theft please contact the authorities. Cage is already burdened with an unbearable weight of massive talent. He shouldn’t also be burdened with the knowledge someone has his comic books.

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