CAPTAIN AMERICA Comic Book #1 Sells for a Record $3.12 Million

If you own any old comic books of value now might be the time to sell them. They could be worth three times as much as they were just a few years ago. We know because a near-mint copy of the first-ever issue of Captain America just went for a whopping $3.12 million. And what makes that massive price tag even more impressive is that it comes a mere three years after the exact same copy sold for less than a million.

A graded copy in plastic of Captain America's first-ever comic which sold for $3.12 million at Heritage Auctions
Heritage Auctions

Heritage Auctions has been making comic book collectors rich all year. In January it sold a single comic page featuring Spider-Man in what became the Venom suit. That one page sold for a mind-numbing $3.36 million. And in March the company auctioned off a rare Marvel Comics #1 for a much more “reasonable” price of $2.4 million. Now it’s latest comic book sale has once again broken a record.

A near-pristine copy of 1941’s Captain America Comics No. 1, graded 9.4, sold to a high bidder for more than $3.12 million. The sale puts Steve Rogers into a very elite group. He’s only the third superhero to have a comic break the $3 million barrier. Captain America joins Superman and Peter Parker in that vault-busting group. The comic, which also introduces Steve’s best bud Bucky Barnes, features a cover of Captain America punching Hitler. (Quick reminder: comic books have always been political!)

Obviously a sale of this magnitude is incredible unto itself. But what makes this auction even more amazing is that this 9.4 rated issue was on the market in 2019. And just three years ago it “only” garnered a total of $915,000. You don’t have to be Tony Stark to know that’s quite a return on investment in a very short time. Clearly the comic book market is booming. So, like we said, if you have any old issues you think might be valuable now is probably the time to sell them.

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