Nicolas Cage Has a Bonkers Cameo in This Lost Direct-to-VHS ’80s Movie

Many years ago, The Ringer‘s founder Bill Simmons coined the term “ the Tyson Zone.” It’s a status reserved for a certain type of infamous celebrity about whom people will believe literally any story, no matter how crazy it may sound. To give you an idea of what it takes to be inducted into this group, Simmons almost renamed it “the Charlie Sheen Zone.” Now, whether or not you think Nicolas Cage qualifies for “the Tyson Zone” is up for debate, but at the very least he clearly deserves his own sub-division of it: one reserved for actors who can give a totally insane performance without anyone being surprised by it. For example, this 60-second cameo he played in a lost direct-to-video movie from the ’80s. The scene is crazy and confusing, involve a fake nose, a dumb wig, and the strangest voice ever. And it’s literally his entire performance.

Is that absolutely crazy? Yes. Definitely. Are we surprised that was Nic Cage? Not even a little bit.

Shared by Alex Navarro on Twitter, this is the entirety of Cage’s performance in the straight-to-VHS 1989 film Never on Tuesday, starring Peter Berg and Claudia Christian. Here’s the movie’s official synopsis, via IMDb.

“After their cars collide on a desert highway in the middle of nowhere, two friends and a woman they both like must wait for someone to pass by and help them. Unfortunately, those who do stop turn out to be criminals, eccentrics or wackos.”

This whole thing can’t get weirder, right? It can! Never on Tuesday also features cameos from Cary Elwes, Gilbert Gottfried, Emilio Estevez, and Judd Nelson. They aren’t even the best “eccentrics” and “wackos” though? There’s also a cameo from, of course, Charlie Sheen.

Apparently only Mike Tyson wasn’t available. What a shame. This movie was definitely in his zone.

Featured Image: Screen Media Ventures

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