Hear Nick Offerman Read About Mark Twain’s Love of Breakfast (Exclusive)

Thanksgiving is one of the best days of the year, because it combines everything we love about Christmas — family and food — without any of the stress of shopping malls and long lines. Unfortunately, whether you plan on traveling by plane, train, or automobile, it’s not an easy time to hit the road. This year, though,  Audible will try to brighten up your journey, while whetting your appetite for a turkey feast with a free series exploring Mark Twain‘s favorite foods. It’s narrated by someone we’d be happy to travel or sit down to the dinner table with any day of the year:  Nick Offerman. And we have an exclusive clip to start your day off right.Twain’s Feast, an eight-chapter Audible Original production, will look back on some of the beloved American author’s most-liked dishes, some of which are no longer found on menus. You’ll all know — and crave — the foods Offerman talks about in this clip, however, because for the most important meal of the day, he’s serving some dulcet tones. Covered in syrup.

Breakfast has never sounded more appetizing, not even when Ron Swanson ordered “all” the eggs and bacon. Not that we’re surprised. Not only does Offerman have one of our favorite voices, but this isn’t even the first time he teamed up with Audible to bring Twain’s life to work. He also narrated an audiobook of A Connecticut Yankee in Arthur’s Court.And in the true spirit of the giving season, starting with its release today, November 2nd, Audible has made the entire production free for members for the entire month of November. This might be the first Thanksgiving we don’t care about being stuck in traffic.What meal would you most like to hear Nick Offerman talk about? Take a bite out of our comments section with your selection.

Images: NBC, Audible

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