The Internet’s Best Reactions to NHL’s Terrifying New Mascot

I love the National Hockey League, but sometimes it does the most inexplicable and cheesy things to promote itself. Like the time the Ottawa Senators did a super corny 300-style pre-game ceremony, which was the funniest thing in league history until the Vegas Golden Knights did this whole Medieval Times thing at a playoff game in 2018. But this week the Philadelphia Flyers might have outdone them all, because they introduced their new team mascot Gritty (yes his name is really “Gritty”), and it is super creepy.

As if mascots weren’t inherently weird enough…

We’d say “oh dear god,” but Gritty might be proof there is no god. (As is his “only-the-NHL-would-think-this-is-a-cool” intro.)

But while this abomination–which we imagine will bring joy to very disturbed children–might be terrifying, the internet at least had some fun with it, because memes were created to make light of something born of darkness, which Gritty himself embraced.

You can’t unsee that. You just can’t. It’s probably why Gritty reminds so many people of another “kid-friendly” monster.

Gritty is gonna eat us, right?

Yes, he is definitely going to eat us. Don’t worry though, not every meme will haunt you.

Is our very own Ben McShane on to something? Could Gritty #ReleaseTheSnyderCut.

Of course, no meme is quite as funny as a brand new hockey mascot not knowing ice is slippery.

Please don’t tell Gritty we laughed at him though.

He scares the shit out of us.

What’s the best Gritty meme you saw? Share it with us in the comments below so we can ignore the truth about this new nightmare.

Featured Image: NHL

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