New STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Vehicles Reveal Big and Bizarre Weaponry

The Resistance took the First Order’s Starkiller Base off the table in The Force Awakens, and even though it seemed like a key military victory, the First Order apparently has ample resistance-stomping reserves. We’ll see more of their fleet in The Last Jedi, including two brand new, massive vehicles: the AT-M6 walker and the Dreadnought warship.

The Star Wars Show revealed the spaceship and walker on Wednesday. These additions to the Star Wars vehicles garage are making me feel nervous about how the Resistance will fare in The Last Jedi. I don’t think they have anything to match the scale of these behemoths. You can get a close look at both ships in the below video at about 1:08:

The All-Terrain-Megacaliber-Six, a.k.a. the AT-M6 (pronounced A.T.-M.6.), is bigger than a standard AT-AT (pronounced A.T.-A.T.) walker and has a big ol’ laser cannon on its back. Instead of the slow pace of the AT-AT, the AT-M6 has “a more simian-like gait.”

The First Order Dreadnought is a beast, too. It’s a Mandator IV class warship with two giant orbital auto-cannons and 24-point defense anti-aircraft cannons. That kind of weaponry means the Dreadnought is clearly going to be a formidable presence in any battle. Its size helps, too. It’s a whopping 7,669.72 meters or 25,162.8 feet long. To compare, a Super Star Destroyer (the class of Darth Vader’s Executor) is 19,000 meters or 62,335.9 feet according to the databank. So, the Dreadnought’s hefty, but not even close Super Star Destroyer size.

The timing of the vehicle reveal could be tied to Force Friday II, happening September 1. It’s when toys tied to The Last Jedi will flood shelves. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Micro Machine versions of either of these ships.

What do you think of the AT-M6 and the Dreadnought? Do you think the Resistance is screwed? Share your impressions in the comments.

Images: Lucasfilm

Can’t wait until Force Friday for More Star Wars?

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