The holiday season isn’t the most wonderful time of the year because of presents and goodwill. It’s because the holiday season is the most delicious time of the year. From an abundance of scrumptious cookies and cakes, to grand family feasts and delicious drinks, there’s no better culinary time on the calendar than right now. The more the better! However, even I have my seasonal dining limits. I know because SPAM just crashed right into them. The spreadable canned meat is back with another unlikely option. The company is getting into the Christmas spirit this year by combining with an old seasonal classic. And SPAM Figgy Pudding sounds strange enough to make anyone think Ebenezer Scrooge had the right idea all along.


SPAM Figgy Pudding. Repeat: SPAM Figgy Pudding. Nope, doesn’t matter how many times you say it, doesn’t get less weird.

We know you have some questions right now. We had the same ones, too. Questions like, “Is this real?” (Yes.) Also, “No, seriously, is this real?” (Again, yes.) And finally, “Okay, but, like, why?” (We don’t know.)

What we do know is that this is not the figgy pudding mentioned in Christmas noels. This is limited-edition SPAM variety is seasoned with figgy pudding flavors. Those include “notes of cinnamon and nutmeg combined with fig and orange flavors.” So if you’ve ever wondered what spreadable salted pork and ham would taste like with those spices that’s really bizarre and you shouldn’t mention it to anyone. But at least everyone can enjoy the accompanying song SPAM wrote for its new holiday product.

If you’re curious what this tastes like, or think it will make a perfect gag gift this year, you can purchase SPAM Figgy Pudding online. You can grab some from SPAM’s webstore. (Though it’s currently sold out there.) Or you can order cans at Amazon and

If you don’t know what to do with this—besides alert the government to its existence—SPAM also provided some recipes. That includes one for a Figgy Pudding skewer. But I’m partial to the Spiced Dutch Baby Pancake with SPAM Figgy Pudding and Cranberry Butter.

Why that dish? Because this whole thing is so absurd that if I’m going to crash through my seasonal culinary limits I’m going all-in. It is the most delicious time of the year, after all. And I refuse to say “Bah humbug” to any holiday dish. Well, until I actually eat it probably.