Get New RIVERDALE Stories in Text Message Form (Exclusive)

Have you discovered  Yarn yet? The micro-storytelling platform creates engaging narratives that throw you into the center of the drama with stories exclusively told in text messages! They’ve taken the internet and app stores by storm, and earlier this year the platform launched some official Riverdale shorts that lean into the horror aspects of the show, with Archie and co. meeting up with Sabrina “The Teenage Witch” Spellman for the first time. Well, after more than six million (?!?!?!) fans checked out those stories, Yarn and Archie Comics are back with a brand new Riverdale story called “Riverdale’s Worst Nightmare,” and we’ve got an exclusive sneak peek!

Get New RIVERDALE Stories in Text Message Form (Exclusive)_1

The eight-part story will focus on a sleepover hosted by Veronica at the Lodge’s mansion, which gets interrupted by an evil entity, leaving the girls of Riverdale to fend for themselves! As our exclusive screenshots show, things get very creepy very fast! (Click the image to see a larger version.)

Get New RIVERDALE Stories in Text Message Form (Exclusive)_2

Yarn is clearly just as excited about the partnership as the fans are, stating, “Yarn has become a dominant destination for micro-storytelling and is changing the way stories are told by leveraging the format most preferred by millennials: mobile messages and multimedia content. This partnership with Archie Comics is a fun and innovative way the legendary entertainment brand is keeping its dedicated fans engaged with short-form narratives.”

Get New RIVERDALE Stories in Text Message Form (Exclusive)_3

Have you been keeping up with Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Riverdale on Yarn? Will you be rushing out to grab the app? Can’t wait to read the texts of all your favorite characters? Let us know below!

Images: Yarn Text, Archie Comics

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