New RIVERDALE Comic Combines Archie Characters with THE BREAKFAST CLUB

If there’s one thing The CW’s Riverdale has down cold, it’s being bizarre. And no one in the small town even tries to hide it. That vibe carries over to the Riverdale comic set in the same universe as the Archie Comics-inspired television series. Since the comic is penned by series showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and other writers from the TV show, it’s closely tied to the world and characters we know. It’s easy to imagine the events on the page making the leap to the screen, and that’s especially the case with the next issue.

Riverdale #2 hits comic book shops on Wednesday, May 3, and puts the Riverdale High School students in John Hughes’ The Breakfast Club. Yep. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly for the heads up about this beauty of a mash-up from Archie Comics.

Written by Greg Murray and Daniel King with art by Joe Eisma and Thomas Pitilli, the story sees Archie, Betty, Jughead, Veronica, and Josie spend some quality time together in a Saturday detention session. Principal Weatherbee doles out this punishment because the gang got involved in an epic-looking food fight, a.k.a. Foodgate.

I would not want to be the person responsible for cleaning up that mess. Yikes.

The Breakfast Club/Riverdale combo is kinda perfect and not just because Molly Ringwald recently made her debut on the television series. It’s fun to correlate each of the Riverdale characters to those from the movie. Jughead’s clearly Bender. Veronica’s probably the closest to Claire. Even in the first preview pages (you can get the text for these preview pages from Riverdale #2 over at EW), you can spot all sorts of dialogue nods to the film.

Who else is feeling inspired to take a break and watch The Breakfast Club? Go ahead. I’ll write you a note for your boss, teacher, etc.

Images: Archie Comics

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