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New OCEAN’S ELEVEN Movie in the Works with Margot Robbie

It looks like we’d better get ready for one more heist. A new Ocean’s Eleven movie is in development and it has an excellent team behind it. The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Margot Robbie “will star and produce a new Ocean’s movie that will be helmed by Jay Roach.” Robbie and Roach previously worked together on the movie Bombshell which earned Robbie a best-supporting actress Oscar nomination.

Additionally, Carrie Solomon will pen the script. We do not yet have many details on what this Margot Robbie-led Ocean’s Eleven movie would look like. But The Hollywood Reporter notes “it is known to be an original Ocean’s Eleven that is set in Europe in the 1960s.”

Ocean's 11 Stars and Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn
Warner Bros.

A little old-school glamor for Robbie, perhaps? Though we don’t know exactly what will go down in the movie, we’re excited to see Robbie front and center. While it feels unlikely another fully woman-oriented adventure like Ocean’s Eight will come our way, we hope to see Robbie’s character very much in charge in this new movie. Ostensibly, regardless of the details, she’ll lead a new team of sarcastic criminals as they pull off impossible odds with good humor and lots of style. We can’t wait to see who else comes on board should the project get greenlit. If there’s one thing we can count on it’s Ocean’s movies bringing a lot of fun to the table. According to the article, the project is still waiting on official approval. But production aims to begin in the spring of 2023.

In the meanwhile, this isn’t the only Margot Robbie project we’re waiting on. Robbie will take on another iconic franchise in her upcoming film Barbie. If there’s anyone who can seamlessly transition from playing a famous doll to becoming a master thief, it’s Robbie. May we be so bold as to suggest an eventual crossover?

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