NEW MUTANTS Reshoots to Add a New Character to the Film

Though we’ve known for a while now that director Josh Boone‘s  The New Mutants movie was being pushed from this April all the way to 2019, we’re only now learning of what might be the real reason for this massive delay. At first, we were told that reshoots were intended to make the horror aspects of the X-Men spin-off even scarier, following test screenings that showed audiences responding well to the idea of a horror superhero film. However,  The Hollywood Reporter has dropped a bit of information suggesting that reshoots for the film aren’t just to add new scare elements, but to add an entirely new character to the film.

Although the movie currently features five members of the team—Magik, Cannonball, Sunspot, Wolfsbane, and Mirage—the comics feature plenty of other members of the New Mutants that could be added in to the mix. Notably, early reports had the film featuring the alien mutant called Warlock as a sixth member of the group. Is it possible that Warlock is being added in to the movie now after test screenings? Warlock would be a very CGI-heavy creation, so it would make sense that the addition of his character would necessitate a full year added to the film’s release.

Other potential New Mutants from the comics they could add in include Magma, a young woman who can become molten lava; Cypher, a male student of Xavier’s School who can read and speak any language; Boom-Boom, who can throw tiny energy bombs; and Karma, a female telepath.

Aside from Magma, none of these characters would require a full year’s worth of special effects work, so if any member of the team is going to be added in, my money is on her or the tech based alien mutant Warlock. We will find out for sure when The New Mutants gets released almost exactly one year from now, on February 22, 2019!

Which classic New Mutants character do you hope gets added into the mix? Let us know who you’d like to see down below in the comments.

Images: Marvel Comics / 20th Century Fox

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