New MULAN Trailer Shows Off Epic Battles and a New (Old) Witch

Disney’s slew of live-action movies has taken over theaters recently, and there’s no sign of slowing down. On March 27, 2020, Mulan will come to life in a brand new way to tell this classic story about a woman who rose to be an epic Chinese warrior. While the animated film added elements like a very delightful dragon named Mushu, this adaptation won’t have talking animals or clever songs interspersed in the real-life saga of legendary warrior Hua Mulan. But if Mulan’s latest trailer is any indication of what’s to come, this film might end up being the best Disney live-action adaptation.

In the clip, Mulan’s father talks to her about why the phoenix sits on the right-hand of the emperor. He says the phoenix is his guardian and protector who is beautiful and strong and asks Mulan to bring honor to the family. His idea of bringing honor is far different that Mulan’s eventual destiny. Mulan is seen putting on traditional makeup and clothing before things take a major turn when officials ride into their city with a harrowing announcement.

Hun warrior Bori Khan’s army and Xian Lang, who people describe as a witch, has invaded their territory. An army messenger requests that one male from each family serve, to which Mulan’s father agrees because he has daughter. Mulan’s father steps up but it’s clear that he doesn’t have the physical strength to serve in an army. Of course, Mulan steps in and disguises herself as a man to serve in her father’s place. She reads the inscription on her father’s sword that says “Loyal, Brave, True” and says she will bring honor to her family.

The remainder of the trailer shows Mulan training with her army while a version of the animated movie’s song “Reflection” plays in the background. Liu Yifei looks absolutely stunning as Mulan in every scene as she wields her weapons with expertise and takes a few pensive moments to reflect on her journey.

Mulan Live action movie

Walt Disney Studios/YouTube 

One particular highlight is when Mulan shares a moment with Gong Li’s Xian Lang. Every action film has to have an epic battle and this one could be one to watch – even more than when Bori Khan goes down. Xian Lang even warns Mulan that her true identity will lead to Mulan’s counterparts showing her no mercy. It will be interesting to see how Xian Lang’s character is handled in the movie as a secondary antagonist.

Mulan has always stood out from other Disney protagonists as a warrior who doesn’t lean into things that are considered to be feminine. She not only saves herself from a life that’s not authentic to her but she also saves a nation and honors her family in the process. It’s amazing how a familiar story hits different when real people step in to bring these characters to life. And, hopefully the portrayals and dialogue will resonate deeply with Chinese viewers in a major way as it tells a powerful story.

All hail Hua Mulan – an honorable and fearless fighter who shows us the true meaning of honor.

Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios/YouTube

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