New MORTAL KOMBAT Movie Produced by James Wan to Film This Year

There are two indisputable facts about the original Mortal Kombat movie released in 1995. The first is that it is unquestionably a bad movie, one of the many failed attempts by Hollywood to successfully adapt a popular video game to the big screen. The second is that it’s absolutely amazing and I will hit a finisher on you if you badmouth it. The characters, the premise, the dialogue, and, of course, the music, are all so wonderfully over-the-top and absurd it’s impossible to hate the film. It’s flaws only make it more enjoyable. This is not true of 1997’s Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. You can say whatever you want about that garbage and no one will care, probably not even the people who made it.

The worst part about the sequel though is that it was so bad we never got another film featuring fighters facing off in a battle to the death over the fate of their worlds. At least until now, because this year an all new Mortal Kombat movie will begin filming, with a producer who proved no premise is too silly for a blockbuster hit.

EW reports Aquaman‘s James Wan will serve as a producer on the film, which will be directed by newcomer Simon McQuoid. There’s no word on if the movie will be a sequel or a complete reboot (which is certainly what we expect), if it will be based on any of the specific games in the franchise, or if it will have an R-rating so it can recreate the game’s infamous blood and gore. We do know it will film in Adelaide, Australia, with pre-production beginning this month before shooting starts later this year.

Since it’s safe to imagine the movie will use a lot of CGI to create both incredible Netherworlds and many of the characters’ moves, we’d guess summer of 2020 is the earliest possible release date, but that’s the most optimistic guess.

And, if it manages to be as much fun as the original film while also being a legitimately good movie, we won’t have to worry about waiting twenty more years to get another sequel.

Just make sure to use the same theme song.

Have you seen Kyle Hill’s Science of Mortal Kombat? Check out an episode below!

Image: New Line

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