New Mondo THE THING Figure Brings MacReady and Monsters to Life

The members of U.S. Outpost #31 might have been exhausted from fighting an extraterrestrial foe and not knowing who they could trust, but we’ll never get tired of watching John Carpenter’s The Thing. His seminal 1982 sci-fi horror film is still one of our favorites. It had always, and will always scare us. But while we’d normally be loathe to invite any of that arctic encampment’s personnel home (you really can’t be too careful when shape-shifting aliens are involved), we’re definitely going to make an exception soon. Mondo’s incredible new figure of Kurt Russell’s R.J. MacReady is ready to protect us with his flame thrower. And we’ll need him to. He’s coming with two of the movie’s most iconic monsters.

A figure of The Thing's MacReady using a flamethrower from Mondo

Mondo’s newest collectible (first announced by SyFy) brings a truly iconic character to life. The Thing‘s MacReady is getting a highly-detailed 1/6 scale figure designed by Joe Allard. It also features sculpts by Pichet Pitsuwan and Matt Black, painting by Viola Wittrocka, Hector Arce, and Ed Bradley, and clothing from Tim Hanson. And it comes with a ton of accessories to allow personalization. Here’s everything in included in the base figure:

  • Fabric Faux Leather Jacket 
  • Fabric Flight Suit 
  • Fabric Under Shirt 
  • Faux Leather Belt 
  • Standard Head 
  • Frozen Head 
  • Shot Gun 
  • Pistol 
  • Pistol Holster 
  • Flame Thrower Pack 
  • Flame Thrower 
  • Detachable Flame Accessory 
  • Hand Sets – Fist, Trigger and C-Grip 
  • Gloved Hands 
  • Figure Stand 
Mondo's figure of The Thing's MAcReady on display holding an unlit flamethrower

Never has a figure looked so cold but also been so fire. Our bet, though, is not many fans of The Thing will opt to get the Regular Edition base figure ($235). Not when the limited Timed Edition version ($265) also comes with an articulated replica of the Spider-Head Creature as well as a mini-figure of the film’s Mutated Dog.

Shh. No one tell Mondo we would have paid waaaay more to get those two monsters. And maybe don’t mention our fear they’ll come alive in the middle of the night is greater than zero.

Mondo's figure of The Thing's MAcReady on display with all its accessories

Fittingly pre-orders for The Thing: MacReady Timed Edition will open at on Halloween at 12 noon CT. It will be available for just ten days, with sales ending at Friday, 11/10 at 11:59 PM CT. Both editions are estimated to ship next summer in July 2024.

That’s not too long, and yet we’re already tired of waiting.

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