New ‘Mac Smell’ Candle Smells Like A Freshly Unboxed Apple Computer

What do you remember most about the day you first brought home your MacBook? Was it the way the ergonomic keys felt beneath your delighted fingertips? Or maybe the stunning retina display glowing in front of your wide and excited eyes. Or perhaps the price tag, which was more frightening than most horror films we can think of. Well, if it was the smell, then you’re in luck: There is now a candle that propagates the odor of a freshly unboxed Mac. And it costs $24 (before wick care).

The candle, which comes via The Verge and is simply dubbed “New Mac,” is hand-poured and made from 100% soy wax. It’s available in five different “scent notes” including: mint, peach, basil, lavender, mandarin, and sage. (It can only be presumed that these smells will intermingle with that of a fresh Mac, adding just a dash of organic deliciousness to the glorious nasal treats that are circuit board and glass.)

The candle is available from Twelve South, the “PC incompatible” website that designs and sells accessories exclusively for Apple products. Twelve South offers a pretty wide array of relatively normal Mac accessories—stands and the like—as well as more quirky items like the iDrink can koozie and the  ⌘Q Staring T-shirt.

Unfortunately, the New Mac candle is currently sold out. There is no word yet on an iPhone 7 candle, but we imagine for fans of the headphone jack, it will smell like disappointment.

What do you think about this candle that smells like a freshly opened Mac? Pour your 100% brain-crafted thoughts into the comments below!

Images: Twelve South

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