Thor Is Very Ready for the Weekend in New LOVE AND THUNDER Image

Thor is typically associated with Thursday. It is Thor’s day, after all. But the upcoming MCU movie Thor: Love and Thunder teases a new kind of Thor. A Thor better suited to Friday, or even better, Saturday. Yes, if superhero duties equate to the work week, Thor is as ready for the weekend as you are. In a new image from Thor: Love and Thunder, we see the titular god of Thunder wrapped up in his snuggie, take-out containers strewn everywhere, and… Could he have rolled out of bed after 11? We can all empathize with Thor’s new mood. But can it last? The weekend never can.

We get a little bit more insight into Thor’s new look in the most recent teaser trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder. Thor’s tired of the battles. The god has run and fought all his life. And peace is on his agenda, now. At least, a little bit of spiritual soul-searching. Not every god has a plan, the trailer explains. And though we doubt Thor’s superhero days have actually come to end, we all deserve a little respite sometimes.

So, we wish Thor a very happy weekend. We’ll try to keep Love and Thunder‘s main villain Mond-, we mean Gorr the God Butcher away for as long as possible. Ironically, Saturday may get its name from the Norse god Sataere. Sataere means “the thief in ambush,” another name for none other than the god Loki. If Loki does happen to make an appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder, maybe Thor can see about switching days for a little while.

Thor Love and Thunder image reveals Thor looking into the camera during his break from being superhero
Marvel Studios

Loki kind of owes him at this point. And even though Loki still exists somewhere in the multiverse, thanks to the Disney+ show Loki, we have no idea yet if the god of mischief will show up, although other gods will head our way in the upcoming Thor movie.

As for the rest of us, let’s carry the vibes from this new  Thor: Love and Thunder image with us all week long.

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