New Heroes & Villains Performance Apparel Collection Celebrates Wonder Woman and STAR WARS

Fighting evil villains with earth-shattering powers? Defending a galaxy far, far, away from the dark side? You may not be doing that every day, but why not tackle even the most ordinary of obstacles in fine form? A new line of sleek performance apparel from Bioworld’s Heroes & Villains wants you to do exactly that. This collection of fabulously fannish athletic wear celebrates the women of Star Wars, Wonder Woman herself, and, of course, you! It wouldn’t be the same without you. So get your superpowered racerback tank tops, scrunchies, and shorts ready and let your favorite women of this universe and beyond inspire you to action.

Star Wars and Wonder Woman performance atheletic collecton from Heroes & Villains
Heroes & Villains

Heroes & Villains Star Wars Performance Racerback Tank Tops (And Ahsoka Shorts)

Whether you’re a Jedi, a Rebel, or just a rebellious Jedi, Bioworld’s Heroes & Villains has a new performance racerback tank top for you in their new Star Wars collection. These cool new Star athletic tops come in Jedi, Rebel, and Ahsoka varieties, which we think is pretty fitting because you just can’t label Ahsoka. We love how this T-shirts seem plucked right out of the Star Wars universe itself. We’d personally love to go to “Rebel Camp.” But we also love to tap into a little bit of the Force when we’re exercising. (It’s not cheating. We’re sure Anakin would back us up.)

Each of the tank tops also comes with a fun Star Wars reference detail running along its back. It’s a lovely touch. You can take a look at the different Star Wars options from Heroes & Villains above.

Heroes and Villains Star Wars Ahsoka tank and scrunchies
Heroes & Villains

Ahsoka, being the queen that she is, also has a pair of shorts to go with her tank top. They are absolutely adorable and we love seeing her symbol on them.

Heroes and Villains Star Wars Ahsoka shorts
Heroes & Villains

These Star Wars Performance Racerback Tank Tops cost $48 each. Meanwhile, Ahsoka Women’s Performance Shorts cost $52.

Heroes & Villains Wonder Woman Performance Tank Top

Heroes and Villains Wonder Woman Tank Top
Heroes & Villains

Okay. We can literally not say enough about this Wonder Woman performance tank top. It is so cute. We need it yesterday. We can’t imagine anything that would make us feel more powerful than this red, white, and gold get-up. The back detail, which reads “Strength. Grace. Love,” really completes the top. And we love the intricate gold designs running across its back and sides. Stylish and sensationally nerd. Great job, Heroes & Villains.

Wonder Woman tank top back
Heroes & Villains

This Wonder Woman Performance Tank Top is also $48.

Heroes and Villains Wonder Woman tank back from new athletic line
Heroes & Villains

Scrunchies, Galore!

Who doesn’t need a nerdy scrunchie? We need at least ten because no matter if you wield the Force or have superhuman strength, you are still losing your scrunchies all the time. Complete your nerd jock look with matching a Star Wars or Wonder Woman scrunchie and headband set to keep your hair out of your face while you’re fighting evil or fighting with your laundry.

The Star Wars and Wonder Woman Scrunchie & Headband Sets cost $16 each.

Bioworld’s Heroes & Villains Sets You Up in Style

To recap, here is everything available in this new collection, on sale now:

  • Jedi Women’s Performance Racerback Tank Top, $48
  • Rebel Women’s Performance Racerback Tank Top, $48
  • Ahsoka Women’s Performance Racerback Tank Top, $48
  • Wonder Woman Women’s Performance Tank Top, $48
  • Jedi Scrunchie & Headband Set, $16
  • Ahsoka Scrunchie & Headband Set, $16
  • Rebel Scrunchie & Headband Set, $16
  • Wonder Woman Scrunchie & Headband Set, $16
  • Ahsoka Women’s Performance Shorts, $52

Heroes & Villains often has many fun and immersive fannish collections. We love this new line and can’t wait to see what’s next.

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