New FAST X Director Is THE TRANSPORTER’s Louis Leterrier

The Fast and the Furious franchise is coming to an end. The series plans to go out in a blaze of NOS glory with its tenth and eleventh primary installments. However, it will do so without its longtime, and inarguably best, director. Justin Lin shocked moviegoers when he left the film one week into Fast X‘s production. But for a film franchise obsessed with speed, there’s no time to waste. And Universal Pictures has found his replacement. The Transporter‘s Louis Leterrier will take the helm as the new Fast X director. It’s time for him to get behind the wheel and rev things up on the delayed production.

The Fast and the Furious cast stand in a diagonal line against a row of cars while different color smoke goes up behind them. Fast X has a new director in Louis Leterrier.
Universal Pictures

Variety reports Universal Pictures has tapped Leterrier to take over Fast X. The studio had to scramble to find a new director following the departure of Lin last week. Lin, who led five films in the franchise, left shortly after filming began. The Fast & Furious veteran is remaining on as an executive producer, but no official reason was offered for why he departed as director, although rumors abound.

Whatever Lin’s issues, they’re now Louis Leterrier’s to deal with. And he’ll have to deal with them quickly since Fast X‘s production delays and the need to find a new director allegedly cost Universal as much as one million dollars a day. The good news for fans is that it’s hard to imagine the studio could have found a better replacement on such short notice. Leterrier has the resume you’d want in someone tackling a big-budget action film. In addition to the Transporter films, he’s also directed The Incredible Hulk, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, and Now You See Me. (Yes, that one matters! It features a great car chase sequence!)

Whether his past projects will help him turn a troubled production into something great isn’t the only question he must answer. As the new Fast X director, he’ll also have to ingrain himself as a member of the Fast franchise. No matter who directs, these films are about family. And fast cars.

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