New DOCTOR WHO Episodes Will Be Available On Disney+ in 2023

Doctor Who fans are buzzing about the show’s next moves as the 60th anniversary looms ahead in November 2023. A three-episode special is bringing back David Tennant and Donna Noble with a twist because, well, the Tenth Doctor is somehow the Fourteenth now. (Still can’t believe that is real.) And, Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor will take over after that as the Fifteenth Doctor, with Russell T Davies as the showrunner. And now, Doctor Who is also getting a new home with the BBC partnering with Disney Branded Television to bring the long-running sci-fi show to Disney+. That’s right, this new era of Doctor Who will be available to stream there for audiences outside of the UK. 

first photo of ncuti gatwa as the fifteenth doctor on doctor who

This is a pretty big deal because it gives Doctor Who fans—both old and new—easier access to the show. Right now, Doctor Who’s Modern era is on HBO Max, while the available Classic era episodes are on Britbox. However, when episodes drop, it can be hard for those who don’t have BBC America or a BBC streaming service to get them quickly. So the move to Disney+ will bring this beloved British TV show to a global audience. And it is through a service that many already have. Hopefully, this will make Doctor Who much more accessible to audiences in the US and other countries.

A recent press release about the move to Disney+ doesn’t clarify if past Doctor Who episodes will still remain on other streaming services; however, it would make sense to move everything over to one streaming place. But alas, licensing things are in effect. The modern episodes will remain on HBO Max until their contract is up, and then a move to Disney+ could be possible.

In addition to the new episodes of Doctor Who coming to Disney+, there’s also a new logo to go with this era. And, it is one that will give Classic Who fans a smile. It looks a lot like the logo from the Fourth Doctor’s era with a bit of a Disney flare to it. Love the pops of color.

full image of new doctor who logo for fifteenth doctor era streaming on disney+
BBC/Disney Branded Television

Of course, those new episodes of Doctor Who are coming in November 2023. And we will see Gatwa presumably taking over after Tennant’s Doctor regenerates (again). We will be patiently waiting (as Whovians do well) for more information about Gatwa’s Doctor. But for now, this video of him explaining Doctor Who to newbies and revealing the logo is a pure delight.

We welcome you, Fifteenth Doctor, to Disney+.

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