New BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Clip Shows Manly Footage from “Gaston”

The live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast is less of a reimagining and more of a grander translation. As director Bill Condon told us, “It was really about exploring and digging deeper, inevitably, because you’re bringing people into a live action world.” Since he stayed faithful to the animated source material, classic songs are present and seeing the beloved tunes in a more realistic setting is one of the aspects of the film I believe many fans are most looking forward to.

We’ve seen a little glimpse of Emma Watson’s Belle singing well, “Belle,” and now thanks to Entertainment Weekly it’s time to watch Josh Gad‘s LeFou and Luke Evan‘s Gaston take on “Gaston.”

I bet the rest of “Gaston” is in your head now, isn’t it?

I’m a fan of the sheer amount of pageantry and decadence in these scenes. Even in this not so big tavern, the world looks expansive with villagers in bright costumes spread around every corner. And did you notice all the antlers Gaston used in his decorating?

Gaston is arguably the worst (okay, not even arguably), but Evans’ ability to give the slimy character a charming air is evident in the brief amount of preening and smugness we see in this clip. He knows he’s the most handsome man in town and needs absolutely no encouragement–I’m looking at you, LeFou. Likewise, Gad is peak LeFou in this clip. Guys. I am unabashedly pumped for this film to be in my eyeballs on March 17.

What do you think of the musical clips we’ve seen so far? Head to the comments and tell me if you’re on board.

Featured Image: Disney

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