NETFLIX Has a Request Page You Probably Didn’t Know About

It is pretty much Netflix’s world, and we all just live in it. How many weekends have we lost just binge watching a Netflix original series, or watching an old show they carry on their platform? Still, there is one drawback to Netflix, and this extends to other streaming services as well: they simply don’t have everything. There are tons of classic movies and TV shows they don’t carry, or if they do, it’s for a limited time, and the next time you might be in the mood to watch it — POOF — it’s gone. I can’t count the amount of times a show like Buffy the Vampire Slayer has hopped streaming services, or just not been available. (And this is why I still believe in physical media).

But did you know there is a way to request content on Netflix? Thanks to the folks over at Mashable, we’ve learned that subscribers can indeed make specific requests to Netflix on what shows/movies to carry. Recently, comedian Chelsea Peretti  of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, found out via Netflix’s Philippines account that one can request Netflix to add any TV show or movie to their library. What happened is this: A Netflix user in the Philippines made a post on Twitter about Netflix Philippines not having Peretti’s stand-up comedy special, One of the Greats. In response, Netflix Philippines sent their own tweet with a link to its request page, saying “you know the drill.”

Peretti’s response reflected most of us Netflix subscribers, saying “Literally no one knows that drill.’ But nevertheless, it is there. And you can put in a request for any three movies or TV shows that you like, although their guidelines do point out that some of these requests simply can’t be granted due to licensing issues ( Game of Thrones is a cited example.) But if you want an old show they used to run to return, or want Netflix to have Aliens in their library for example, well, we can at least plead our case with the Netflix gods. And it’ll have at least as a good a chance of working out as any online petition you’ve ever signed. So why not?

What will you be requesting Netflix to carry? Let us know what you want to see down below in the comments.

Images: Netflix

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