Which Netflix Shows Are Most Popular in Each State?

Netflix rarely publicizes data on how many people are watching their shows (unless they have something to unequivocally brag about, like their recent viewing numbers for movies like Bird Box). But there is a way to gauge which shows are the most popular on the streaming giant, and that’s to use internet searches. High Speed Internet looked at which Netflix shows, both original series and acquisitions, were the most popular in each of the 50 states in 2018 based on those searches, and they created a handy infographic to go along with it. The results might genuinely surprise you.While one might think pop culture phenomenon Stranger Things would rule the roost, it was only the most popular show in a handful of territories. In California and Texas, two states with huge Spanish-speaking populations, the CW series Jane the Virgin was tops. The BBC co-production The End of the F***ing World also beat out ostensibly better known shows in several locations.Series that take place locally are also incredibly popular in their given state, as both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul have remained beloved in New Mexico, and the documentary series Making a Murderer was number one in Wisconsin, where the real life events that series chronicled occurred.13 Reasons Why was the most popular show in the most amount of states in 2018, confirming what a juggernaut that series was with younger viewers especially. Interestingly, Marvel’s  Daredevil, Iron Fist and Luke Cage were the most watched series in several states, but that clearly was not enough to save them from cancelation.

Images: Netflix / High Speed Internet

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