Gaze in Awe at the Trailer for Netflix’s PLANET EARTH-Like Series, OUR PLANET

BBC’s nature documentary series are the best in the world, and the first Planet Earth from 2006 remains their greatest achievement. It’s hard to imagine another team could match the beautiful, awe-inspiring work they do transporting us to places around the globe we didn’t even know existed. So rather than try to beat the best, Netflix did the smartest thing possible: they got the Planet Earth team to film a follow-up series titled Our Planet. And you better believe Sir David Attenborough narrates it.This first teaser for the eight-part series, which was filmed over a span of four years in over 50 countries on all seven continents, includes up-close, intimate encounters with animals both big and small. It also features the wide, sweeping aerial shots we love so much in Planet Earth. From snow-covered arctic climates to the plains of Africa, to deep under the ocean’s surface to wild jungles, Our Planet looks just as grand in scope as its predecessors. Just as important: it also sounds just as good.

“Just hook it to my veins!”Our Planet looks and feels so familiar because it was directed by Alastair Fothergill, who also led Blue Planet and Planet Earth. Combined with the calming voice of David Attenborough, Netflix has already given us another reason to care about saving our planet—so we can keep watching more documentaries about it.Our Planet comes to Netflix next spring, on April 5, 2019.What location or animal shown in this first teaser are you most excited to see more of? Tell us in our comments section.

Featured Image: Netflix

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