We Feel Personally Attacked By These Parody Netflix Error Messages

Ah satire, one of our oldest and most sacred forms of speech.

From ancient Greece when Aristophanes mocked Socrates in The Clouds, to the biting wit of Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, to cultural staples of modern society like Saturday Night Live and The Daily Show, parody has always been one of our most effective and entertaining methods of holding a mirror up to ourselves and our way of life. Truly an important tool for keeping us all in check. Having said that, we are NOT AMUSED by these satirical Netflix error messages, because they are clearly a personal attack on us.

Author Nathan Pyle shared his ideas for some very specific–and yes very funny–messages he thinks would better connect with the actual way customers use the streaming site. The problem we have with them is that they are way (way!) too accurate, and some of them are so obviously pointed directly at us, like “Time’s Up. We’re choosing for you.” I would have to see that every single time I logged on.

But in fairness a few of these would genuinely be helpful, like the one about which shows get spotty in later seasons, and we would pay extra for the warning about any movie with a dog.

Don’t try to shame me into exercising, Netflix! What are you, literally every single one of my friends and family members? I watch Netflix to get away from the world, not to be mocked for the way I’m living my life.

The only satire I want to see on Netflix is American Vandal. Or do I want to watch something else first? Ugh I can never decide.

Which of these parody messages most applies to you? Tell us in the comments below.

Featured Image: Netflix

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