Netflix Lines Up an INGRESS Anime Series

For almost five years, Niantic has invited mobile gamers to enter the augmented reality world of Ingress, and take sides as two factions vie for control of humanity’s future.

Now, Ingress is getting an anime adaptation that will further expand the world and its mythology while paving the way for a sequel game. Via Variety, Ingress: The Animation is coming to Netflix this fall, with Neon Genesis: Impactsdirector Yuhei Sakuragi set to oversee the series, and  Neon Genesis Evangelion art director Takeshi Honda lined up for character designs. Ingress will follow two new characters named Sarah and Makoto after they are affected by the “exotic matter” that lies at the heart of the game. Sarah is given the ability to perceive “certain aspects of time and space,” while Makoto has a form of psychometry that lets him see the history of almost any object once he has touched it.

Within the game, the exotic matter originated with the Shapers, an enigmatic alien race. The Enlightened faction believes that using the exotic matter to enhance its followers will lead to a new age of human evolution. The Resistance is intent on protecting humanity from the Shapers’ influence and preserving their freedom. Sarah and Makoto’s story will play out against the backdrop of that conflict while they attempt to evade Jack, a new antagonist who has his own agenda.

Ingress: The Animation will feature an original story that will also introduce fans to Ingress Prime, the upcoming sequel that will establish a parallel Ingress universe with a enhanced gameplay experience. Both the anime series and Ingress Prime are expected to debut in October.

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Image: Niantic/Netflix

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