Netflix’s GEARS OF WAR Live-Action Movie Brings in DUNE Writer

To celebrate its 16th anniversary, Netflix announced a real treat for Gears of War fans, a live-action movie adaptation of the action-driven game. Not only that, but the streamer hinted at the potential for a whole cinematic universe for the games. Netflix noted that it would also create an adult animated series “with the potential for more stories to follow.” But we didn’t get many other details on the Gears of War movie or Netflix world until now. The platform recently revealed that the writer of the Dune movies and Doctor Strange, Jon Spaihts, would be the one to adapt the classic game into movie form.

In a statement shared by Spaihts, he noted his passion for the project, saying:

Gears of War is one of the all-time great action games, with vivid characters, a beautifully designed world, and a combat system that drives home the lethality of war and the importance of standing by your squadmates. It wants to be cinema, and I’m thrilled to have the chance to help that happen.

Netflix is releasing a live-action Gears of War movie adaptation of the popular games
The Coalition/Netflix

That certainly sounds like a promising direction for the live-action Gears of War movie. Attempts to adapt the game have happened before, but none of them came to fruition. But it’s a hay day for video game adaptations right now, so we feel certain we’ll see this one come fully to life.

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