First Look at Netflix’s DOGS Is a Very Good Trailer, Yes it Is!

It’s always fun to mock Netflix‘s “algorithm,” the computer program that supposedly decides what viewers will watch independent of a project’s artistic value. Well, we would like to apologize to the algorithm, or to whomever is green-lighting new projects there, because the first trailer for the documentary series Dogs proves the streaming site knows exactly what we want to see. We want to see moving stories about some very good dogs and their humans.The new six-part series will explore “the deep emotional bonds between people and their beloved four-legged best friends” from around the world, including doggos from Syria, Japan, Costa Rica, Italy, and the United States. Considering the combination of amazing puppers, both big and small, with beautiful shots of them in all kinds of habitats, we expect this show to make us cry–the good kind of crying, the kind we can all use these days.

Oh that’s a good trailer! Yes it is, isn’t it? Good trailer!In addition to the wonderful furry stars of the series, Dogs boasts an all-star lineup of filmmakers behind the camera: Academy Award-nominated Amy Berg (Deliver Us From Evil), Academy Award-winning Roger Ross Williams (Life Animated, Music by Prudence), Academy Award-nominated Heidi Ewing (Jesus Camp, One of Us), Emmy Award-winning Richard Hankin (The Jinx), and Academy Award-winners T.J. Martin and Daniel Lindsay (Undefeated).We don’t know if an algorithm told Netflix to put together talented filmmakers with some amazing stories of dogs, but that’s a winning formula no matter who–or what–came up with it.Dogs premieres on Netflix on November 16.Which of these dogs from the trailer are you most excited to learn more about? Tell us in the comments below.

Featured Image: Netflix

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