ENOLA HOLMES 3 Is in Development

Have any mysteries in need of solving? Don’t worry, Enola Holmes could be on the case again. In news we first saw at Collider, Netflix is developing Enola Holmes 3 and while the deal for a third movie in the film series starring Millie Bobby Brown is far from done, the streamer is back to work on a screenplay to hopefully make it happen. The Legendary-produced movies also star Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes and Helena Bonham Carter as Eudoria Holmes. The two Enola Holmes films have seen the teen detective make a name for herself apart from her more famous brother. Brown has brought Enola’s spunk to the screen with piles of charm, and Scott Stuber, head of Netflix film, talked to Collider about Brown.

Enola Holmes talking to Sherlock

Stuber talked about Brown being such a star, which kicked off with her breakout role in Stranger Things. He mentioned Damsel, Brown’s upcoming fantasy adventure for Netflix, and then briefly brought up Enola Holmes. Stuber told Collider, “The Holmes IP is weirdly elastic. Obviously Warner Bros. did an incredible job with Downey and Jude Law, so this idea that we can extend the IP with her is exciting. So, we’re working once again on a screenplay to try to get that. But yes, aspiration. I’d like to do another one.”

It’s the kind of series perfectly suited for revisiting. Enola will always have more mysteries to solve. Plus the end of Enola Holmes 2 introduced Dr. Watson. That all could lead to enough material not just for Enola Holmes 3, but a collection of connected material.

Editor’s Note: Nerdist is a subsidiary of Legendary Digital Networks.

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