Netflix’s COWBOY BEBOP Officially Introduces Radical Ed

Netflix’s live-action Cowboy Bebop adaptation is finally here. And it will definitely answer some of our questions. But, here comes a burning question that has already been answered. Ahead of the release, fans really wanted to know, where is Ed? (Otherwise known as “Radical Ed.”) For a while, it seemed like Ed may not appear in the first season of the show. But now, Netflix has revealed an official first look at the character. For the spoiler wary, please watch out before reading further in this article.

NetflixGeeked‘s official accounts shares, “To everyone who’s been asking “Where’s Ed?”—you don’t have to wait any longer introducing newcomer Eden Perkins (they/them), who plays the role of Radical Ed in Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop, now streaming.”

In the anime, Ed, otherwise known as Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivruski IV, “colloquially known as Radical Edward, was a child prodigy skilled in hacking originally from Earth.” A fan-favorite character, for sure. But initially, it looked like Ed would only appear in season two of Netflix’s live-action show. Should, of course, the show get a season two.

Netflix Live Action Cowboy Bebop Ed and Anime Ed

Showrunner André Nemec shared with IGN, “We really take our time to get to know our characters. And Ed is a very complicated character in all of the good and right ways. And I wanted to make sure that, fingers crossed, we get to a season 2 that we really have the appropriate amount of time to explore the character of Ed.”

We can’t say for sure how much that plan has changed when it comes to Cowboy Bebop‘s Ed. But we know we love Ed. Netflix has also shared a closer look at the character through their Cowboy Bebop after show, Cowboy Bebop: Unlocked. At around the 24:30 timestamp, Eden Perkins joins the show to offer their insights on Ed.

Among other things, Perkins discusses Ed’s look, what filming was like, and their favorite moments from the anime. Perkins doesn’t mention too much about the future of Ed, just that they hope to delve into the character more going forward. Their excitement about the character and the show really shines through.

We absolutely love seeing Netflix and other platforms move to cast and celebrate a diversity of actors and characters. Three cheers to everyone involved.

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