CHUPA Trailer Reveals an Adorable Take on the Myth of the Chupacabra

We can’t say we’ve usually associated chupacabras with being extra cute. After all, the name chupacabra literally means “goat sucker” in Spanish. And that doesn’t exactly invite an image of bedtime cuddles. The mythological creature is also known for its glowing red eyes and sharp fangs… And its propensity for sucking the blood right out of animals. The chupacabra is actually a creature of more modern mythology than some of its more ancient mythological companions, though—claimed sightings of it first arose in the 1980s and early 1990s. But these days, it’s never too early for a reboot. In Netflix’s Chupa trailer, a cute chupacabra pup takes center stage. And all it wants is family—blood and found.

Take a look at the Chupa trailer below:

A logline for the show shares more about this mythological adventure. It notes:

While visiting his family in Mexico, teenage Alex gains an unlikely companion when he discovers a young chupacabra hiding in his grandpa’s shed. In order to save the mythical creature, Alex and his cousins must embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

Netflix's Chupa trailer brings to life an adorable version of the chupacabra.

We’re pretty sure from the trailer that Chupa will have us crying real tears over this new cuddly pal. The Netflix movie releases on April 7.

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