Netflix Cancels Halle Berry’s Completed Sci-Fi Movie THE MOTHERSHIP After Post-Production Delays

We are less than one month into 2024, but Netflix is already back to its typical shenanigans. Many of us have a love-hate relationship with the streaming service. We love shows like One Piece, Stranger Things, and Wednesday; however, we do not love the continual increase in prices and looming threat of ads. We also deeply dislike when Netflix—or any streamer—cancels an upcoming show or film, especially if it is already done filming. (I will personally never get over Batgirl.) Sadly, this continues to happen. Netflix has canceled The Mothership, a sci-fi flick starring the delightful Halle Berry. 

Halle Berry looks serious in john wick chapter 3 photo

According to Variety, the movie ended filming way back in 2021. But, for some unknown reason, post-production never quite took off after several delays. The Mothership will not get a release date on Netflix, but maybe the canceled film will find new life elsewhere. For those who are curious about its synopsis, Berry plays Sara, a single mom dealing with the mysterious disappearance of her husband (Omari Hardwick). He left their farm without a trace a year prior. Sara and her kids discover a space object under their home, which takes them on a strange path toward the truth about her husband’s location. As we all know, Halle Berry is great at playing a mother who is trying to protect her child(ren). She even wears curly wigs to let us know that it’s about to go down.

Thankfully, even though this movie has been canceled, more Halle Berry content is coming, thanks to a multi-picture deal with Netflix. We hope that they will honor their side and actually let her films make their debuts. Next up is The Union, with Halle starring alongside Mark Wahlberg. The duo will play former high school sweethearts who end up in the dark world of espionage. We’d really love to see it, just like we wanted to see Halle Berry in The Mothership. Meanwhile, we can keep our fingers crossed for a John Wick spinoff with Berry’s Sofia character.

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