Is This Mod the Most Advanced Nerf Gun on Earth?

Nerf guns have a passionate community of modders, and fans of the plastic projectile toys have had a lot of fun with the task of improving their functionality (like this 1,000-shot Nerf Blaster that Adam Savage made) and their appearance (like this painted-up one that, again, Adam Savage made).

Then there’s this guy, who has basically enhanced every possible component of the gun, introducing new features to create what he calls the “EOX Meta Breaker,” the “most advanced Nerf Blaster on Earth” (via Tastefully Offensive).

Using a Rapidstrike as the base, Zack Freedman added electronic displays, custom PCBs for speed control, aluminum tubing, NFC tags that give him a digital ammo counter, and a bunch of other things that Freedman explains better than I can. He writes about the Nerf gun in the video description:

“This maxed-out Rapidstrike has custom tech straight out of a video game. Features include an ammo counter, RFID mag detection, dynamic braking, multiple fire-system modes, a smart lock, and integrated voltmeter. Of course, it also shoots really fast and hits really hard! This project will be released as open hardware. [..] I play Nerf wars in the USA’s East Coast. Maybe you’ll get to see this for yourself! The microcontroller is a Teensy 3.2. The electronic speed controller and voltmeter is a custom design on a handmade PCB.”

Watching the video and listening to him explain all the custom technology that went into his creation is truly impressive, and it’s perhaps the most decked out improvement of a toy I’ve ever seen. Freedman answers questions about the mod and goes into more detail in a Reddit post from last year, so that’s worth checking out if you’d like to learn more.

Is this the coolest Nerf gun (or Nerf anything) you’ve ever seen? Sound off down in the comments below!

Featured image: Zack Freedman

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