A Giant Floating Island Was Created for the World’s Coolest Nerf Battle

Sponsored video content can be a tricky thing. For more on that, YouTube sketch comedian Gus Johnson, who has nearly half a million subscribers, recently made a video detailing how strange and awkward a relationship with a sponsor can be. That doesn’t mean all sponsored content has to be bad, though. In fact, if the missions of the brand and the content creator are compatible, it can actually be a perfect marriage that doesn’t feel forced in any way, and leaves both parties satisfied by the experience. Case in point: The latest video from Dude Perfect is sponsored by Nerf, and the sports/stunt channel totally ran with it by creating a floating island obstacle course and using Nerf guns for some friendly competition (via Digg).

The competition is simple: All five guys start on the same spot on their constructed inflatable island network. From there, their goal is to reach a target they’ve set up, and the first person to successfully shoot it with a Nerf gun will be victorious. They mixed things up in the next round by blindfolding themselves (they were all wearing life jackets, by the way), and as you’d imagine, there was a lot less shoving and more just trying to not dunk themselves in the water.

Are you already pooling money together with some friends to try this for an afternoon? Let us know if this looks like a good time to you, or what else you’d do with giant floating structures like this, down in the comments!

Featured image: Dude Perfect

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