Nerdy Coffins Bring GHOSTBUSTERS, STAR WARS, and More to the Afterlife

Like Ray Parker Jr., I ain’t ‘fraid of no ghosts. No, what scares me is the thought of ghosts thinking I’m tacky. Strangely enough, those two thoughts go together like slime in a toaster. Because you can show off your love of all things Ghostbusters for the rest of eternity with a casket celebrating the casket. And yes, this is one of several real nerdy coffins that you can actually buy and get buried in.

A white coffin outfitted in the decor and items of Ghostbusters
Nashville Casket Sales

Nashville Casket Sales understands that when we die we might be “On Our Own.” ( Shoutout to the absurd brilliance of Bobby Brown!) But no matter what awaits us in the afterlife, you can still celebrate your favorite sci-fi comedy franchise. The company is selling a custom-built, 20 gauge, sealed, standard-sized casket (we first learned about at Ghostbusters News) dedicated to Ghostbusters. It comes in the crew’s signature Ecto-1 white color scheme. It also includes a picture of the team on the inner lid, its own proton pack, ghost trap, easy-to-remove magnetic lights, and Ghostbusters logo. But really, that description doesn’t do this ridiculousness justice.

The reason behind this unusual casket’s creation isn’t as weird as the coffin’s existence. It was part of the promotion for the series’ most recent film, Ghostbusters: Afterlife. But now it can be all yours. (Yay?) I t’s listed on eBay for “just” five thousand dollars. Sure, that might seem like a lot so you can be entombed inside an item made to sell movie tickets, but that’s because it is. The good news is that shipping is a paltry $4.70.

If you are looking for some other nerdy coffins for yourself (or a friend), then there are quite a few to choose from. There’s some Star Wars, Batman, and even a Frozen option for those seeking something else. But, of course, this custom shop can do whatever you may desire.

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