Neil Gaiman Goes Behind-The-Scenes Of Netflix’s THE SANDMAN

“For 32 years, anyone who read Sandman, read the comics—that world is ending.” Don’t worry about that quote from Neil Gaiman though. Because in this new behind-the-scenes video from Netflix’s The Sandman, the author promises the series “is Sandman being made for people who love Sandman by people who love Sandman.” He didn’t have to tell us that though. Seeing the show’s sets and props is proof enough. Especially if you have always wanted to see Morpheus’ tokens. Or dreamed of visiting a Cereal Convention.

As part of its first-ever virtual “ Geeked Week,” Netflix has given fans of The Sandman a little taste of what’s to come with a behind-the-scenes video. It includes hearing from author and executive producer Neil Gaiman. As well as the show’s Lord of Dreams, Tom Sturridge, and its Lucifer, Gwendoline Christie. There’s no footage from the show here. But it doesn’t matter. There’s more than enough to satiate fans who are very anxious to see Dream on screen.

We get a glimpse at Morpheus’ three tokens: his bag of sand, elaborate helm, and the Dreamstone ruby. We also get to see Matthew the Raven. This Sandman character will come to life via animatronics rather than CGI. Also, that old book Gaiman flips through could be the Magdalene Grimoire, which Roderick Burgess used to ensnare Morpheus. And there’s even an unfinished version of Abel’s baby Gargoyle Goldie (real name Irving, of course).

Neil Gaiman holds a model of a bird in front of drawings and puppet ravensNetflix

Obviously, we love the props. But it’s the show’s ornate sets that might be the most exciting part of this sneak peek. There’s the throne room where Lucifer meets with Dream in Hell. As well as what looks to be the infamous dungeon where Roderick and Alex Burgess kept the Lord of Dreaming for 70 years. And we even get to see the hotel ballroom where the sinister Cereal Convention takes place. (This gives us a better idea of just how much of The Sandman Volume 2, “The Doll’s House,” we will see in the show’s first season. Seems like it could be a lot.)

Neil Gaiman says he “can’t wait” until fans see The Sandman. Comic fans have waited for 32 years. Seeing this won’t make waiting easier. But it does make waiting seem worth it.

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